Agenesis of Celiac Axis – A Rare Clinical Entity


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We are sharing one of the most cited article from our journal. Article entitled “Agenesis of Celiac Axis – A Rare Clinical Entity” was well written by Dr. Rajul Rastogi.


Agenesis of celiac axis (AGCA) is one of the rare anomalies of abdominal aorta. Very few cases have been reported in the medical literature in the past mainly on angiographic studies performed for various indications. With the advent of multidetector computed tomography (MDCT), it is now possible to detect anomalies of abdominal aorta on routine abdominal MDCT scans performed for indications other than angiography. Detection of these anomalies has assumed significant importance due to increasing number of interventional procedures; minimally-invasive and transplantation surgeries and also in understanding the morbidity and mortality related to diseases involving the anomalous arteries. Hence, we are presenting a rare case of agenetic celiac axis that was diagnosed incidentally on routine MDCT abdominal examination.

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