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Immunogenetics is the study of the genetic basis of the immune response. It includes the study of normal immunological pathways and the identification of genetic variations that result in immune defects, which may result in the identification of new therapeutic targets for immune diseases.

Immunogenetics areas of study

Genetics and evolution of the immune system; genetic control of immune response and disease susceptibility; bioinformatics of the immune system; structure of immunologically important molecules; and immunogenetics of reproductive biology, tissue differentiation, and development.  

Charting the cis-regulome of activated B cells by coupling structural and functional genomics


Cis-regulomes underlying immune-cell-specific genomic states have been extensively analyzed by structure-based chromatin profiling. By coupling such approaches with a high-throughput enhancer screen (self-transcribing active regulatory region sequencing (STARR–seq)), we assembled a functional cis-regulome for lipopolysaccharide-activated B cells. Functional enhancers, in contrast with accessible chromatin regions that lack enhancer activity, were enriched for enhancer RNAs (eRNAs) and preferentially interacted in vivo with B cell lineage-determining transcription factors. Interestingly, preferential combinatorial binding by these transcription factors was not associated with differential enrichment of their sites. Instead, active enhancers were resolved by principal component analysis (PCA) from all accessible regions by co-varying transcription factor motif scores involving a distinct set of signaling-induced transcription factors. High-resolution chromosome conformation capture (Hi-C) analysis revealed multiplex, activated enhancer–promoter configurations encompassing numerous multi-enhancer genes and multi-genic enhancers engaged in the control of divergent molecular pathways. Motif analysis of pathway-specific enhancers provides a catalog of diverse transcription factor codes for biological processes encompassing B cell activation, cycling and differentiation.

The purpose of this Research Topic is therefore to provide an up-to-date overview of cis-regulome of activated B cells in order to further stimulate the development of new and even more successful treatments.

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