Journal of Novel Physiotherapies Celebrating 9 Years of Excellence


Journal of Novel Physiotherapies, a leading open access and peer-reviewed and journal celebrates its 9 years of excellence by thanking all the authors, researchers, editors and students for their valuable scientific contribution.  

It serves its readers with the quality researches and authors are encouraged to share their latest research findings/study and spread the knowledge globally through the open-access mode of publication.

Journal provides an opportunity to researchers and scientist to explore their advanced and latest research developments related to Physiotherapy in the form of Research, reviews, case reports, case studies, communication, commentaries, etc.

It extensively covers the topics including Electromyography, Kinesiology, Disability, Sports Medicine, Physical Activities, Physical Therapy and Technology, etc.

Journal sincerely appreciates the guidance of Dr. Antonios G. Angoules, Greece, Dr. Anthony L. Rosner, USA, Dr. G. Murdaca, Italy, as an Editor in-chief and several world-renowned researchers, scientists for acting as an editorial board member and making the Journal reach greater heights.

Journal has recently released an issue covering various topics such as Sacroiliac joint, auditory reaction, Joint Therapeutics, Amputation.

Journal also invites for the proposal of Special Issue in which the articles are based on an evolving theme. Special Issue contributes towards advancing the scope of the journal and potentially boosts usage and citations.

The entire special issue is handled by the guest editor/s that oversees the issue and brings the researcher/s from worldwide in their contacts and networks. Some of the Special Issue proposal for Journal of Novel Physiotherapies is Neurologic Physiotherapy, Exercise Physiology, Kinesiology.

Journal feels pleasure to announce the submission towards best quality articles at an appreciable discount. Submission can be done through Online at Journal of Novel Physiotherapies or can be sent as an attachment to .