Marine Microbes & Pathogenicity


It bestows a great competence as an Editor-in-Chief of the jubilant Diagnostic Pathology: Open Access Journal excelling since its origin and a great honor and gratification to share that it’s been 5 monumental years we have established the journal, now we're marking the 5th anniversary and we are privileged to welcome Marine Pathology to our journal.

Diagnostic Pathology: Open Access is a pioneering internationally peer-reviewed journal to endorse the advancement of current knowledge pertaining to clinical studies and scientific investigations and foster discussion in all the relevant aspects of Pathology such as Immunopathology, Virtual Pathology, Tissue based Diagnosis, Immunohistochemistry, Diagnostic Pathology of Infectious Diseases.

Vulnerable Pathogen densities in coastal waters will cause restrictions on fish kills leads to health issues in humans and other organisms if neglected or ignored. Swimming or recreating in pathogen-contaminated waters most often result in gastroenteritis. Economic losses incurred by pathogens include the closure of fisheries and therefore the prices related to medical treatment and lost time at work.

The open-access journal is published by Omics International who hosts around 350 open-access peer-reviewed journals as well as organizes more than 100 International scientific Conferences. Our elite panel of editorial board members, researchers and clinicians editors have recommended you to be approached for publication of your current scientific endeavors.

OMICS Group has organized a prestigious conference on 12th Global Summit on Aquaculture & Fisheries that took place from March 30-31, 2020 at Hong Kong under the theme analyzing the ubiquity in this area under the theme Aquatic and Marine Pathology

The conference includes around 120Abstracts and 80 Keynote speakers shared their esteemed research to the Scientific Community. The meet has provided great scope for the interaction of professionals including clinical experts and sovereign pathologists and scientists from around the globe under the same roof.


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