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The Journal of Oncology Translational Research aims to disseminate knowledge and promote discussion through the publication of peer-reviewed, high quality research papers on all topics related to obesity and associated areas of Cancer. This scientific publishes all relevant topics in the area of cancer like Carcinomas, Clinical Cancer, Cancer Epigenome, Programmed Cell Death, Cancer Risk, Genetics and Epigenetics, Tumor Associated Inflammation, Genetic instability, Biopsy, Chemotherapy, Computerized Tomography, Biomedical Imaging, Interventional oncology/ Interventional radiology, Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), Vaccine Strategies, Antiangiogenic Therapies, Cancer Gene Therapy, Radiotherapy, etc.


Carcinomas are cancers or malignancies which are begin in the epithelial tissues. Carcinomas may affect any part of the body and are among the most common types of cancer in adults. Carcinoma spreads by metastasis and often recurs after excision. Carcinomas are classified as adrenocortical carcinomas thyroid carcinomas nasopharyngeal carcinomas malignant melanoma and skin carcinoma.

Clinical Cancer

Clinical Cancer is the field of medicine that is devoted to cancer. Clinical cancer consists of three primary disciplines: medical oncology, surgical oncology and radiation oncology. A biopsy often is needed to confirm a cancer diagnosis. Biopsies might also be needed to find out if an abnormal spot seen on an imaging test is really cancer spread. During a biopsy, the doctor removes a tumor or pieces of a tumor to be looked at under a microscope.

Cancer Epigenome

Cancer epigenetics is the study of epigenetic modifications to the genome of cancer cells that do not involve a change in the nucleotide sequence. Epigenetic alterations are as important as genetic mutations in a cell’s transformation to cancer.

Programmed Cell Death

Programmed cell-death (or PCD) is death of a cell in any form, mediated by an intracellular program. PCD is carried out in a regulated process, which usually confers advantage during an organism's life-cycle.

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