Save Water Save Life



                                           SAVE WATER SAVE LIFE



Water is the most important and valuable natural resource on Earth. It sustains all life. There is no life without water. Water is not only important for human beings but for the entire ecosystem. Animals and plants too cannot survive without water. About 71% of Earth’s surface is covered with water. Unfortunately only 3% of the available water is freshwater. About two-thirds of the freshwater lies in the form of frozen glaciers and ice caps. The rest of the small portion is available in the form of groundwater and surface water. 


We totally depend on water for multiple purposes. Water is used in agriculture for irrigation of crops. We use water in drinking, cooking, cleaning, bathing and other domestic purposes. Water is used for recreational activities. In industries, water is used as a coolant, solvent and also used in other manufacturing purposes. Hydroelectricity is generated with the help of water. Water is also used for navigation and transportation of goods. This tells us how water is the most essential component of life and every drop of water is vital for sustenance. Therefore, water conservation is important to save life on this planet. 


Depletion of fresh water has become a threat to our existence. Below are the reasons for shortage of fresh water:

  1. Growth of population leads to excessive consumption of water. 
  2. Daily excessive wastage of water.
  3. The rapid growth of industries has increased the problem of proper disposal of waste material from them. The waste products from these industries contain extremely poisonous elements that are polluting the rivers and other water bodies. 
  4. Pesticides and chemical fertilizers that are used to treat crops also pollute the fresh water. 
  5. Sewage waste that is dumped into the rivers is making the water unsuitable for drinking and washing causing several water-borne diseases like cholera, jaundice and typhoid.  
  6. Use of plastics and disposing them carelessly in the water bodies are affecting aquatic life and further disturbing the entire ecosystem. 

We now need to be aware of the depletion of fresh water and take adequate measures to stop this. 


Water saving should be and is the universal responsibility of every human being, living on this Earth.


There are many ways in which we can save water and reduce their pollution. 

  1. Be responsible to save water daily. Use only the required amount of water and avoid wastage. We should minimize consumption of water by doing household chores every day. 
  2. We should use a washing machine to full capacity for washing clothes. 
  3. We should not let tap running while washing hands and face. 
  4. We should water plants in the evenings or early mornings to minimize evaporation.
  5. We should make provisions to store rainwater on rooftops and reuse the water for household purposes.
  6. Bigger Communities and farmers should adapt to the practice of Rainwater harvesting. 
  7. The industrial waste should be treated properly before dumping them into rivers.
  8. We should stop using plastics and dispose of them in an adequate way.
  9. We can make people aware about water problems by means of social campaigns and other ways.
  10. We should educate our children about water saving from an early age. 

We cannot imagine our lives without water. It is unfortunate that mankind has neglected this precious gift from God. Conservation of water is a necessity to save life. All living organisms on this planet need water to survive. If we do not give importance to saving or conservation of water then our future generations will face water scarcity.